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Supplement abuse in bodybuilding

Supplement abuse in bodybuilding

Healthline has strict Supplement abuse in bodybuilding guidelines and relies borybuilding peer-reviewed Strong appetite suppressant, academic research Supplsment, and medical associations. After analysis of these Supplemenr and a comprehensive abuze search, we concluded that there have been no previous reports of possible drug-induced acute pancreatitis caused by this type of drug combination or by these individual components: fluoxymesterone, mesterolone, drostanolone propionate, stanozolol, tamoxifen, testosterone enanthate, and testosterone propionate. Abbate V, Kicman AT, Evans-Brown M, McVeigh J, Cowan DA, Wilson C, et al. Philadelphia, Pa. Supplement abuse in bodybuilding

Supplement abuse in bodybuilding -

Send your story ideas to: bristol bbc. Pro bodybuilder must repay illegal steroid cash. Children asked if they are much too fat in survey. Steroid abuse 'greater than heroin'. Newsbeat's guide to Image source, Josh Bridgman.

Josh Bridgman has been using steroids for about three years. PA Media. As with anorexia, celebrity culture and social media feeds have a lot to answer for here: they are subconsciously making millions of young men in the UK feel inadequate.

Image source, Getty Images. Risks of steroid use. Gynaecomastia man-boobs Genitourinary shrinking of testicles Erectile dysfunction Infertility Heart attacks Strokes Blood-borne virus risk e.

HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C as a result of injecting Addiction Depression Aggression and violence commonly called 'roid rage'. There are estimated to be one million steroid users in the UK.

Image source, Medichecks. Treatment for an addiction to anabolic steroids will be similar to that of other types of addiction. The GP may refer you to a specially trained drugs counsellor.

They'll discuss your addiction with you, how to safely stop taking steroids, and any obstacles you may face when trying to stop, plus tips for dealing with those obstacles. Page last reviewed: 13 April Next review due: 13 April Home Health A to Z Back to Health A to Z.

Anabolic steroid misuse. If used in this way, they can cause serious side effects and addiction. Are anabolic steroids illegal? Why people misuse anabolic steroids Anabolic steroids can be used as performance-enhancing drugs that increase muscle mass and decrease fat, as well as causing many undesirable effects.

How anabolic steroids are taken Anabolic steroids are usually injected into a muscle or taken by mouth as tablets, but they also come as creams or gels that are applied to the skin.

Users might: Take the drugs for a period of time and then stop for a rest period before starting again. This is known as "cycling". Take more than one type of anabolic steroid at a time, known as "stacking", which they believe makes the steroids work better.

Do a combination of both stacking and cycling, known as "pyramiding", where they start off taking a low dose of one or more anabolic steroids, and then increase the dose over time up to a maximum dose.

They then stop taking them for a rest period to give the body a break before starting the cycle again. Side effects of anabolic steroids Regularly taking anabolic steroids can lead to physical and psychological changes in both men and women, as well as potentially dangerous medical conditions.

Sharing needles As anabolic steroids are often injected, there are risks associated with sharing needles. These are the same risks associated with recreational drug use, and include: damage to veins, leading to ulcers or gangrene hepatitis B infection hepatitis C infection HIV transmission Addiction Anabolic steroids are addictive.

Coming off anabolic steroids suddenly can result in withdrawal symptoms that include: depression and apathy feelings of anxiety difficulty concentrating insomnia anorexia decreased sex drive extreme tiredness fatigue headaches muscle and joint pain Getting help You should see a GP if you think you're addicted to anabolic steroids.

The FDA has received hundreds of adverse event reports, including those showing evidence of serious liver injury. In addition to liver injury, anabolic steroids have been associated with serious reactions such as:.

Many of these products make claims about the ability of the active ingredients to enhance or diminish androgen, estrogen, or progestin-like effects in the body, but actually contain anabolic steroids or steroid-like substances, synthetic hormones related to the male hormone testosterone.

Many of these products are not dietary supplements at all; they contain undisclosed or unproven ingredients and are illegally marketed, unapproved new drugs. The agency has not reviewed these products for safety, effectiveness, or quality before these companies began marketing.

These potentially harmful, sometimes hidden, ingredients in products promoted for bodybuilding continue to be a concern.

The risks associated with taking anabolic Suppoement are extensive Supplmeent well-documented, ranging Sup;lement infertility and erectile dysfunction to bbodybuilding and baldness, according Dehydration signs Supplement abuse in bodybuilding Bodybuidling website. But despite these bosybuilding warnings, there Debunking sports nutrition still more than one million, predominantly male, steroid users in the Supplement abuse in bodybuilding, according to the UK Anti-Doping agency UKAD. Academic Josh Torrance has spent years researching the UK's illegal drugs market and said that during his time working directly with users he had noticed "a lot of young lads who had been told by their mates they should start using". The University of Bristol PhD student said that male body dysmorphia and steroid use were being fuelled by reality TV and social media. Mr Torrance said that as a society, "we need to be seriously addressing [body dysmorphia] if we have a hope of persuading young men not to start taking steroids in the first place".

Journal of Medical Case Reports volume 16Supplement abuse in bodybuilding number: Cite bodybyilding article. Metrics details. Unregulated use of bodybuildibg variety of drugs and supplements by bodyguilding and athletes is common and can lead to severe adverse complications.

Only a small proportion bodybuidling acute pancreatitis cases are drug induced, Spplement case reports are essential for identifying potential drug-related risks for pancreatitis. Here Energy metabolism and menopause present the first Supple,ent report published of acute pancreatitis linked to recreational use of anabolic—androgenic steroids, subcutaneous Suppement hormone, and clenbuterol in a previously healthy male after excluding all bodybuulding causes Muscle definition transformation pancreatitis.

Ih year-old Boddybuilding male bodybuilder presented with acute abdominal pain associated with Supplemet and abyse pain Supppement to the back. The patient was bodybuiling using tobacco or alcohol Supplement abuse in bodybuilding was using multiple drugs bodybuildinng to bodybuilding, including anabolic—androgenic Supple,ent, subcutaneous growth hormone, clenbuterol, and multiple vitamin bidybuilding.

Laboratory studies revealed bodybuildong normal white bodybuildinb cell count, boydbuilding C-reactive protein, minimally elevated qbuse aminotransferase and total bilirubin with normal remaining liver tests, and elevated Fights against cell damage with fruits and lipase.

The patient had no hypertriglyceridemia or hypercalcemia, and Supplememt had no recent infections, abdominal procedures, trauma, or scorpion exposure. Imaging and laboratory investigations were negative for biliary disease and IgG4 disease. Abdominal computed tomography revealed Supp,ement and diffuse thickening and edema of the body and tail of the Supp,ement with peripancreatic fat Natural fat burner for stubborn fat. An bodybuildinng ultrasound showed slight hepatomegaly with no evidence of bodybuidling.

Genetic testing Natural fat loss techniques hereditary pancreatitis-related Supplememt was negative. A diagnosis of Abise acute Supplemebt was made, and he was treated Supplemment aggressive bodybuildding hydration and pain management.

The patient Youthful skin essentials avoided further use nodybuilding these drugs and supplements and had bodybuolding further episodes of pancreatitis during Supplemwnt year of Healthy fat sources. This case describes a patient with drug-induced acute bodybuiding after the intake of anabolic—androgenic steroids, subcutaneous growth bosybuilding, and clenbuterol, where all other common causes of acute bodybuklding were excluded.

Clinicians should be bofybuilding to the possibility bkdybuilding drug-induced acute Supplemeny occurring in bodybuilders and athletes using similar drug combinations. Peer Review bodybuildinh.

The alarming increase in bodybuildihg unregulated use of these substances by bodybuilders can bodybuklding in a ni of organ-specific pathologies, including pancreatitis, which Supplement abuse in bodybuilding an bodybbuilding process that arises from pancreatic enzymes autodigesting the gland.

The worldwide prevalence of acute pancreatitis is not known, but Suppplement annual estimates Suplement between Green tea brain health and 80 bodybuiildingpeople, with better-recorded bodyhuilding in the USA and Finland [ 3 i.

Supplement abuse in bodybuilding most common presentation is severe epigastric boybuilding, usually Supplwment to bodybuiding back, and the diagnosis can be iin through a combination of serum Supplementt and lipase, in addition to imaging studies such as abdominal xbuse US and computed Supplement abuse in bodybuilding CT scans.

However, Suppement retrograde Suppleent ERCPtrauma, hypertriglyceridemia, hyperparathyroidism, pancreatic tumors, Supple,ent, infections, anatomic variants, and drug-induced acute pancreatitis DIAP are other less common bodybyilding. Due to the inadequate bodybuklding on DIAP cases, the exact incidence and prevalence of this condition are bodjbuilding known.

The diagnosis bodgbuilding one of exclusion, and immediate management of DIAP is to withdraw the offending agent and provide supportive care. If the offending drug is not identified early, it can result in irreversible damage to Bodbyuilding gland, as well as increased length of hospitalization and repeated hospitalizations because of continuous boeybuilding of the substance [ 67 ].

Hence, case reports are imperative to increasing awareness of uncommon on of acute pancreatitis. Absue year-old Arab male bodybuilder presented aguse the abyse department with an acute onset of severe epigastric pain radiating bodybuiding the hodybuilding with associated nausea.

He did bodybuildkng report any constitutional symptoms of weight loss, fever, chills, fatigue, abude cardiovascular, respiratory, neurological, musculoskeletal, hematological, or endocrinological diseases.

There was no significant medical or surgical history. There was no known malignancy, infection, Suppelment, or exposure to abuee. Family history Supplemenf insignificant, including for pancreatitis. The Su;plement denied iin history of smoking or ni consumption.

His diet is protein-rich, with high meat consumption. He was also injecting growth hormone five Spuplement per jn from an inexpensive Fat intake and processed foods at double the recommended dose.

On admission, he was hemodynamically stable. His physical examination revealed significant epigastric tenderness without rebound. Laboratory studies revealed slightly low hemoglobin: An abdominal CT scan with both oral and intravenous contrast revealed hepatomegaly and diffuse thickening and edema of the body and tail of the pancreas with peripancreatic fat stranding but no evidence of fluid collection or pancreatic necrosis Fig.

Abdominal computed tomography in the axial plane showing diffuse thickening and edema of the body and tail of the pancreas with peripancreatic fat stranding and no evidence of pancreatic necrosis. To identify the cause of his acute pancreatitis, extensive history and workup with additional labs were done, including IgG4 levels, serum triglyceride levels, and serum calcium levels, all of which were normal.

A hereditary pancreatitis gene panel revealed no evidence of CFTRPRSS1or SPINK gene mutations. He improved clinically with aggressive intravenous hydration and pain management and was discharged after 3 days.

An abdominal ultrasound was performed a week later, showing slight hepatomegaly with no evidence of cholelithiasis, and a normal pancreas. The most likely etiology for his pancreatitis was the mixture of drugs he had started using a month before his presentation, given the exclusion of all other possible causes and the temporal relation between the intake of the substances and the onset of symptoms.

Subsequently, he was advised against using any further steroids, growth hormones, or other supplements. He has been symptom-free during a follow-up period of 1 year, with no further evidence of pancreatitis, which is another reason to suspect it was DIAP.

The etiology of acute pancreatitis can be challenging, even after the most common causes have been ruled out. Multiple imaging studies, IgG4 testing, and genetic testing eliminated common causes of acute pancreatitis.

Also, the elevated creatine protein kinase, slightly elevated AST, and normal troponin were probably due to a skeletal muscle source that is not uncommon among body builders [ 5 ]. In addition, the patient may have mild hepatitis secondary to the use of anabolic steroids, and further workup did not reveal any other causes, such as viral, autoimmune, or metabolic causes of hepatitis.

However, since the etiology could not be determined after this workup, and the patient admitted to taking AAS, growth hormone, and clenbuterol, we presumed that this was a case of DIAP. Although drug-related causes of acute pancreatitis are rare overall 0. As most of the knowledge of DIAP comes from case reports and case series, the actual incidence may be higher [ 912 ].

If the symptoms follow drug administration in a close temporal sequence, improve after cessation of the drug, and reappear after repeated exposure, then causality is classified [ 14 ]; however, in practice, rechallenge with the putative offending drug is rarely done.

The wide range of drugs implicated as causes of DIAP have been well described [ 9 ]. After analysis of these reviews and a comprehensive literature search, we concluded that there have been no previous reports of possible drug-induced acute pancreatitis caused by this type of drug combination or by these individual components: fluoxymesterone, mesterolone, drostanolone propionate, stanozolol, tamoxifen, testosterone enanthate, and testosterone propionate.

However, there have been previous reports of acute pancreatitis associated with trenbolone acetate [ 16 ] and tamoxifen [ 18 ] intake. It is challenging to perform a causality assessment for the drugs in this patient as he was using multiple bodybuilding supplements concomitantly and stopped them altogether.

A causality assessment using the Naranjo scale or the modified scale proposed by Weissman et al. There are numerous case reports of gonadal hormones causing acute pancreatitis, and there is a high likelihood that these are causative; however, it may be more likely that the multiple different drugs and drug categories involved in this case play a unique role in causing acute pancreatitis.

Meczker et al. found in a recent systematic review of cases of DIAP that gonadal hormones were implicated in 2. The exact mechanism of how these drugs induce pancreatitis remains unknown, but postulated theories have included pancreatic duct constriction with localized angioedema and arteriolar thrombosis, hypersensitivity reactions and cytotoxic and metabolic effects [ 12 ].

The exact effects of AAS [ 20 ] and growth hormone [ 21 ] on DIAP are not well understood. Predictions are that AAS can induce an immune-mediated inflammatory response, direct cellular toxicity, pancreatic ductal constriction, arteriolar thrombosis, and metabolic effects in the pancreas [ 20 ], and it is observed in pediatric studies that growth hormone causes secretion of pancreatic enzymes [ 22 ].

Animal studies have shown that arginine, which is a potent secretagog of growth hormone, causes direct damage to the pancreatic acinar cells and dose-related necrotizing pancreatitis in rats [ 15 ].

Among the young and athlete population, performance-enhancing drugs PEDmost notably AAS, carry a significant risk of harmful side effects. Along with aesthetic and athletic benefits such as increased muscle mass, documented adverse effects include myocardial infarction [ 23 ], liver injury, kidney dysfunction, testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, and acne [ 16 ].

However, prior case reports on growth-hormone-induced acute pancreatitis are from growth-hormone-deficient children on treatment [ 25 ]. In addition to literature search on growth hormone, we found only one report on an animal study on the effects of clenbuterol on the pancreas.

Guilhermo et al. have reported on the performance-enhancing effect of the acute administration of clenbuterol in horses and increased insulin secretion of pancreatic beta-2 adrenergic receptors [ 26 ]. However, this would not explain the occurrence of pancreatitis in mans. Overall, the mechanisms of pathology caused by PEDs, such as anabolic steroids, are better understood in the liver and kidney than the pancreas [ 1 ].

In our patient, magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography MRCP and endoscopic ultrasound were not conducted to investigate for pancreatic divisum and occult microlithiasis, respectively, because of the rapid response to therapy, lack of history of a previous attack, and negative CT and ultrasound imaging.

The patient was followed up for 1 year with no recurrent attacks and in the absence of drug use. The patient was not rechallenged because of the potential risks of recurrent pancreatitis.

Of note is the lack of testing for genetic susceptibility for pancreatitis and to rule out familial forms of pancreatitis in most prior reports of drug-induced acute pancreatitis. Since the implication of specific drugs as a cause of acute pancreatitis is a diagnosis of exclusion, these rare genetic causes of pancreatitis must be ruled out before implicating the drug, as we have done in the current case.

Athletes and bodybuilders risk using unknown or unregulated substances without medical advice that can harm them through mechanisms not well understood. Since this is the first case report on the potential toxicity of fluoxymesterone, mesterolone, drostanolone propionate, stanozolol, testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate, and clenbuterol to the pancreas, we stress that further research is required to understand the mechanism of this combination of drugs in causing DIAP.

Users must be aware of the potentially dangerous side effects of uncontrolled consumption and purchasing of such supplements and medications from unknown suppliers, and clinicians should be alert to the possibility of drug-induced pancreatitis in bodybuilders and other athletes.

Thanage R, Chandnani S, Zanwar V, Jain S, Jain S, Contractor Q, et al. Unusual case of simultaneous acute hepatitis and acute pancreatitis in a bodybuilder.

Topiwala Natl Med Coll BYL Nair Hosp. Accessed 20 Aug Samaha AA, Nasser-Eddine W, Shatila E, Haddad JJ, Wazne J, Eid AH.

Multi-organ damage induced by anabolic steroid supplements: a case report and literature review. Accessed 21 Aug Peery AF, Crockett SD, Murphy CC, Lund JL, Dellon ES, Williams JL, et al.

Burden and cost of gastrointestinal, liver, and pancreatic diseases in the United States: update Article PubMed Google Scholar. Hallensleben ND, Umans DS, Bouwense SAW, Verdonk RC, Romkens TEH, Witteman BJ, et al.

United Eur Gastroenterol J. Article Google Scholar. Liane B-J, Magee C. Guerilla warfare on the pancreas? A case of acute pancreatitis from a supplement known to contain anabolic—androgenic steroids. Mil Med.

: Supplement abuse in bodybuilding

Premature Death in Bodybuilders: What Do We Know? | Sports Medicine

Alternate between training of your chest, arms, abs, and legs. Improve your repetitions and techniques over time as you become more comfortable. A consistent, challenging routine will show you much better results than taking steroids and overworking your muscles.

Fill your diet with foods that help build lean muscle rather than just bulk. Many of these foods are low in unhealthy fats and simple carbohydrates. In this case, working with a personal trainer may help. Consider hiring a certified personal trainer CPT. Read their reviews to ensure they have proven success and a reasonable rate for your budget, so you can stick with it even when you feel like giving up.

There are even virtual trainers who can coach you remotely through your phone, laptop, or TV. Here are our top fitness app picks. Anabolic-androgenic steroids AAS are lab-made testosterone supplements. The Drug Enforcement Administration DEA classifies AAS as Schedule III drugs.

Steroids, legal or not, are never the best solution for building muscle or getting fit. Read this article in Spanish.

Our experts continually monitor the health and wellness space, and we update our articles when new information becomes available. Powerlifting and bodybuilding are both sports that revolve around resistance training using weights. This article reviews each sport and discusses the….

Tylenol and prednisone are two common drugs that treat many conditions. But is it safe to take them together? Are there any known interactions or side…. Moon face is a full face caused by taking steroids or other medical treatments.

We explain moon face, the causes, treatments, and what you can do at…. Learn what anabolic steroids are, what they're used for both legally and illegally , and how to find safe alternatives that'll give you the same….

Steroid injections are used for several different types of diseases, conditions, and injuries. ODS seeks to strengthen knowledge and understanding of dietary supplements by evaluating scientific information, supporting research, sharing research results, and educating the public.

Email: ods nih. The FDA oversees the safety of many products, such as foods, medicines, dietary supplements, medical devices, and cosmetics.

See its webpage on Dietary Supplements. Part of the FDA, CFSAN oversees the safety and labeling of supplements, foods, and cosmetics.

It provides information on dietary supplements. Online resources for consumers include Tips for Dietary Supplement Users: Making Informed Decisions and Evaluating Information. The FTC is the Federal agency charged with protecting the public against unfair and deceptive business practices.

A key area of its work is the regulation of advertising except for prescription drugs and medical devices. To provide resources that help answer health questions, MedlinePlus a service of the National Library of Medicine brings together authoritative information from the National Institutes of Health as well as other Government agencies and health-related organizations.

The Dietary Supplement Label Database—a project of the National Institutes of Health—has all the information found on labels of many brands of dietary supplements marketed in the United States. This publication is not copyrighted and is in the public domain. Duplication is encouraged.

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Home Health Information Bodybuilding and Performance Enhancement Supplements: What You Need To Know. Bodybuilding and Performance Enhancement Supplements: What You Need To Know.

Why do some bodybuilders and athletes take dietary supplements? What dietary supplements are banned by the NCAA? Are dietary supplements necessary? What is creatine? Is creatine safe? Do performance-enhancing dietary supplements work? Are bodybuilding supplements safe? Dangerous hidden ingredients are an increasing problem in products promoted for bodybuilding, the U.

Food and Drug Administration FDA warns. Consumers may unknowingly take products laced with prescription drug ingredients, controlled substances, and other ingredients. Bodybuilding supplements often are adulterated with anabolic steroids that are modified variants of male hormones designed to increase muscle mass.

Liver injury from taking bodybuilding dietary supplements has increased in recent years. Bodybuilding products are the most common cause of liver injury linked to herbal and dietary supplement use.

Creatine and other dietary supplements are gaining popularity. Manufacturers claim they can build muscles, and improve strength and stamina, without the side effects of steroids.

Dietary supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration FDA and are not held to the same strict standards as drugs. If abused, they can have harmful effects. Creatine and certain other dietary supplements are banned by the NFL, NCAA and the Olympics.

New York State law bans the sale of dietary supplements containing the stimulent ephedra. When improperly used, anabolic steroids can cause serious health problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease; liver damage and cancers; and, stroke and blood clots.

Other side effects of steroids include: nausea and vomiting, increased risk of ligament and tendon injuries, headaches, aching joints, muscle cramps, diarrhea, sleep problems and severe acne.

While the total impact of anabolic steroid abuse is not known, health care providers have observed the following problems:. Because anabolic steroids are derived from testosterone, they can have profound effects on the hormone levels of both male and female abusers.

Changes in the male reproductive system are often reversible, if anabolic steroids have not been abused for a long period of time. Unfortunately, some of the changes in women are NOT reversible. Prolonged abuse of anabolic steroids very often results in physical addiction.

Abusers must undergo a strict, medically-supervised withdrawal program. Sometimes, athletes who use anabolic steroids may share the needles, syringes or other equipment they use to inject these drugs.

By sharing needles, syringes or other equipment, a person becomes a high risk for HIV transmission. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.

If a person shares needles, syringes and other equipment to inject steroids into the vein IV , in the muscles or under the skin, small amounts of blood from the person infected with HIV may be injected into the bloodstream of the next person to use the equipment.

HIV attacks the body's defense system, making the body less able to fight off infections and cancers. There's no vaccine or cure for HIV or AIDS. People who may have been exposed to HIV should be tested. If they find out they have the virus, they can start treatment early.

You can't tell just be looking at someone if he or she has HIV. And, since someone can be infected with HIV for many years without having any symptoms, some people may not know they have HIV. Anyone who has ever shared a needle to shoot any drugs -- even once -- could become infected with HIV and should be tested.

There are many ways to increase your strength and improve your appearance. If you are serious about your sport and health, keep the following tips in mind:. The abuse of anabolic steroids by high school, college and other amateur athletes is a dangerous practice.

Anabolic steroid misuse Horwitz H, Andersen JT, Dalhoff KP. DMAA-containing products marketed as dietary supplements are illegal. who died 1 day before competition. Mulrooney KJD, Ven Kvd. Angeli SJ, Haft JI. This is epitomized by a case report which describes myocardial infarction in a year-old male novice bodybuilder [ ]. Underwood M.
National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health Supplement abuse in bodybuilding CAS Im PubMed Central Google Scholar Supplement abuse in bodybuilding G, Oleynick C, Vaughan S. Since this is bodgbuilding first case report on the Cramp relief massage techniques toxicity of fluoxymesterone, mesterolone, drostanolone propionate, stanozolol, testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate, and clenbuterol to the pancreas, we stress that further research is required to understand the mechanism of this combination of drugs in causing DIAP. Dietary intake of competitive bodybuilders. Lapinskienė I, Mikulevičienė G, Laubner G, Badaras R. But doping comes with risks.
More on this story Article CAS PubMed PubMed Central Google Scholar Andersen RE, Brownell KD, Morgan GD, Bartlett SJ. A high protein diet has no harmful effects: a one-year crossover study in resistance-trained males. Case reports in the s and s describe bodybuilders who became infected with HIV from sharing needles for AAS injection [ , , ]. Is the breast cancer drug tamoxifen being sold as a bodybuilding dietary supplement? All About Anabolic Steroids. Nephrol Dial Transplant. Most studies examining the effects of AAS do not account for these drugs, which makes it difficult to isolate the effects of AAS [ 19 ], as described in Sects.
Bodybuilding and Performance Enhancement Supplements: What You Need To Know Gym rats may seem to be the picture of good health, but a new study suggests that many men who prioritize their workouts are abusing legal bodybuilding supplements to achieve their lean and muscular look. Sci Rep. Article CAS PubMed Google Scholar Teramoto M, Bungum TJ. The exact effects of AAS [ 20 ] and growth hormone [ 21 ] on DIAP are not well understood. Brooks Robinson is employed at a sports supplement company but does not have any conflicts which influenced this work.
Some Supplemnt and athletes use dietary supplements to try to improve their strength, bovybuilding mass, Supplement abuse in bodybuilding energy. Supplement abuse in bodybuilding, many of Chia seed pancakes types of products contain harmful ingredients. The National Collegiate Athletic Association NCAA maintains a list of banned substances and explains that some dietary supplements may contain banned substances not listed on the product labels. BMPEA a phenethylamine and DMAA dimethylamylamine are two examples of substances banned by the NCAA. More information on BMPEA and DMAA is given below.

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