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Gestational diabetes and gestational self-care

Gestational diabetes and gestational self-care

This video gives advice about gestafional diabetes and Kimberly talks about her diabetds after being self-cade. If you're Gdstational problems with meal planning, Gut health for athletic performance with your health care team. Blood sugar that Gestatjonal not well controlled in Metabolism boosting techniques woman with gestational diabetrs can lead to problems for the pregnant woman and the baby:. Then, written informed consent was received from participants who met the inclusion and exclusion criteria. This study is part of a large randomized controlled trial where the variables of blood glucose levels, self-care behaviors, and quality of life were assessed as primary outcomes and their results have been published in another paper 18and the outcomes of pregnancy have been investigated as secondary objectives. Exercise will help keep your blood sugar under control. Gestational diabetes and gestational self-care


Pregnancy Vlog: Life Updates, Baby Prep, Self-Care \u0026 Gestational Diabetes Diagnosis

Gestational diabetes and gestational self-care -

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, Self-Care. What are the risks? If left untreated, gestational diabetes can cause problems for mother and baby. For the mother Women who get gestational diabetes are more likely to: Have labor induced and deliver early.

Have problems during labor and delivery, if the baby is larger than normal. This includes difficult labor and damage to the birth canal. How to monitor blood glucose Check your blood glucose every day and as often as told by your health care provider.

To do this: Wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Follow instructions that come with your meter for inserting the test strip, applying blood to the strip, and getting the result.

Follow these instructions at home: Medicines Take over-the-counter and prescription medicines only as told by your health care provider. Do not run out of insulin or other medicines. Plan ahead so you always have them available. Eating and drinking Follow instructions from your health care provider about eating or drinking restrictions.

Complex carbohydrates. These are carbohydrates that contain fiber, have a lot of nutrients, and are digested slowly. They include dried beans, nuts, and whole grain breads, cereals, or pasta. Make a sick day plan with your health care provider before you get sick.

Follow this plan whenever you cannot eat or drink as usual. If you start a new exercise or activity, work with your health care provider to adjust your insulin, other medicines, or food as needed.

Do not use any products that contain nicotine or tobacco, such as cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and chewing tobacco. If you need help quitting, ask your health care provider. Stay at a healthy weight while you are pregnant. Your expected weight gain depends on your BMI body mass index before pregnancy.

Talk with your health care provider about the risk for high blood pressure during pregnancy preeclampsia and eclampsia.

Gestational diabetes may not cause symptoms , though some people notice signs, including:. Testing for gestational diabetes is standard during pregnancy. After that, your doctor will give you a blood test to check your blood sugar level. If your blood sugar is high, you will need additional testing to confirm gestational diabetes.

Your doctor or midwife can explain how you should monitor your blood sugar and how to adjust your diet to keep your blood sugar levels healthy. In addition, you can ask others for support and advice on how best to care for yourself and your baby after a gestational diabetes diagnosis.

Diet is one of the biggest factors in controlling gestational diabetes. Planning ahead will make all of that easier.

Try making a weekly meal plan, shopping regularly, and prepping snacks in advance. Having gestational diabetes-friendly foods on hand can help you relax about what to eat, as well as simplify mealtimes.

Exercise encourages your body to use more glucose, which in turn lowers blood sugar. You can add more activity to your day by taking walks after meals, joining exercise classes geared toward pregnancy, or adding a few extra minutes to your existing exercise routine.

If you have questions about what kinds of physical activity are safe during pregnancy, ask your doctor for advice. Keeping a close eye on your blood sugar through multiple daily tests is one of the best ways to understand how your body is processing sugar.

Blood sugar testing can provide valuable insight into how your body responds to certain foods, timing of meals, and exercise.

Sleep is important for good health at every stage of life, and pregnancy is no different. Good sleep hygiene practices, such as turning off screens an hour before sleep, using room-darkening shades, and sleeping in a cool, quiet room, can improve the quality of sleep.

Managing gestational diabetes will become part of your daily routine, and your family can help make it easier. Give them resources about gestational diabetes and recipes to use when they help with food preparation. Talking to others who have experienced gestational diabetes can be a great way to find emotional support as well as tips and tricks for managing the condition.

Joining local groups that meet in person can be a way to meet new people and build a network of friends. Remember that gestational diabetes is a common issue that can happen during any pregnancy. Focus on the positive ways you can manage the situation and provide a healthy start for you and your baby.

Like everything about pregnancy, gestational diabetes symptoms can change. You may find that you need to avoid certain foods that were fine the week before, or you have to change your exercise routine to accommodate your changing body.

You may need to take medications to manage gestational diabetes if diet and exercise alone are not effective enough. Prepare yourself for the likelihood that you will need to adopt new strategies, and remember that the changes are in the best interest of you and your baby. Books, articles, and videos can provide helpful information about gestational diabetes.

For personalized guidance, you should rely on your doctor and other members of your care team. They know you personally and know your medical history, so they can address your specific needs. Hold on to all the excitement about your new baby.

You can continue to take weekly photos of your changing body or book a photographer for professional maternity pictures.

Enjoy your baby shower and other special occasions with your loved ones. If you have questions about gestational diabetes, the obstetrical team at Healthcare Associates of Texas can help. Make an appointment at any one of our convenient locations to discuss gestational diabetes and any other prenatal care you need.

The site provides health information designed to complement your personal health management. It does not provide medical advice or health services and is not meant to replace professional advice or imply coverage of specific clinical services or products.

Sel-care websites use. gov A. gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. gov website. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. Diabettes to Gestational diabetes. If you have gestational diabetes, the chances of srlf-care problems with the pregnancy can znd reduced by Athletic endurance support your blood sugar glucose levels. You'll Overcoming depression naturally need to be more closely monitored during pregnancy Athletic endurance support labour to check if treatment Getsational Gestational diabetes and gestational self-care and for any problems. You'll be given a testing kit that you can use to check your blood sugar glucose level. This involves using a finger-pricking device and putting a drop of blood on a testing strip. If you take insulin and have problems with low blood sugar hypoglycaemia or your blood sugar is not stable, your care team might offer you a continuous glucose monitor CGM. This is a small sensor you wear on your skin that sends data wirelessly to a receiver or a mobile phone, so you can see your blood sugar level at any time.

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