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Organic clothing options

Organic clothing options

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Organic clothing options -

The permeable fabric allows excess heat sweat and odors to pass through, meaning that your clothes will feel great against your skin all day no matter what the weather. Natural fibers are especially wonderful for people who suffer from sensitive skin, allergies, and eczema.

Have you ever seen a polyester workout shirt marketed as "moisture wicking"? Well, the reality is that synthetic fabrics like polyester actually repel water, which makes you sweat and keeps moisture held against your skin.

Natural fibers are far more absorbent than synthetic fabrics. What does that mean for you? Clothing made from natural fibers will help you stay drier and more comfortable. Since natural fibers are breathable and naturally antimicrobial, they are the perfect choice for sensitive skin.

Natural fibers are especially wonderful for people who suffer from sensory disorders, allergies, and eczema. Natural fibers are more durable and last longer than synthetic fibers. Be sure to take good care of your clothing to maximize its useful life. Machine wash cold and lay flat to dry to keep your clothing looking like new.

Natural fibers have less environmental impact than synthetic fibers. Natural fibers, especially organic fibers, are made with fewer chemicals, require less water for processing, and generate fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Natural fibers like cotton and wool break down faster than synthetic fibers like polyester. In comparison, polyester clothing takes approximately years to decompose and leeches harmful chemicals into the surrounding ecosystem.

Many sustainable clothing brands using natural fibers are also dedicated to higher ethical and environmental standards. Look for clothing that is GOTS , Fair Trade, or B Corporation Certified.

While many perceive clothing made from natural fibers to be expensive, there are lots of options available at comparable cost to clothes made from synthetic fabric. Given its durability, clothing made from natural fibers is cost effective on a "per wear" basis.

Natural fiber clothing offers a harmonious blend of comfort, style, and sustainability. Whether you're donning the soft embrace of cotton or the refined charm of linen, each choice reflects a conscious commitment to your well-being and our planet's health.

So, as you explore your wardrobe options, remember that the beauty of natural fiber clothing extends beyond aesthetics—it's a statement of mindfulness and a step toward a more sustainable future.

Natural, plastic-free, non-toxic clothing kids will love to wear! Facebook Instagram Pinterest. Free U. Account Search Cart. Our Story Ethically Made Clothing Sustainable Fabrics. What is Natural Fiber Clothing?

What are the Types of Natural Fibers? Cotton: Timeless Comfort Cotton, the soft, natural wonder of the textile world, is a beloved staple. Linen: Elegant Simplicity Linen, an exquisite natural fiber, originates in the flax plant's slender stalks.

Hemp: Versatile Durability Hemp, derived from the sturdy hemp plant, represents a sustainable and versatile textile option. Wool: Nature's Insulator Wool, nature's insulator, provides warmth like no other.

Silk: Luxurious Grace Silk, the epitome of luxury among natural fibers, is spun from the delicate threads produced by silkworms. Older articles Back to Journal Newer articles. Leave a comment Please note: comments must be approved before they are published.

Post comment. Guaranteed Happiness. Easy 30 Day Returns. Crann Organic. Join the Adventure! From the shores of Santa Cruz to the mountains of Colorado to the hills of the UK, here are the best fashion brands for sustainable and ethically produced organic apparel.

From tees and tanks to shorts and sweatshirts, MATE the Label only uses natural and nontoxic materials when crafting its apparel, like low-impact dyes, certified organic cotton, and Tencel. The company keeps its carbon footprint small too as its factory is 17 miles from its headquarters, meaning all pieces are sewn, dyed, and shipped from LA.

If you want comfy classics in bold yet inviting colors, look no further than MATE. Pact is committed to creating clothes that make the world a better place. The socially conscious company goes to great lengths to ensure its entire supply chain —from the growing and harvesting of organic cotton to the final sewing of garments—is as clean and responsible as possible.

And because it ships internationally, you can shop Pact from anywhere for its super-soft tees, dresses, and underwear made with pesticide-free organic cotton. BRB, going to shop. Certified B Corp Organic Basics is all about eco-friendly essentials that will last , including adult undergarments , basic tees and tanks, and cozy leggings.

Born out of Denmark in but available to ship worldwide , these sustainable basics are not only ethical but are also low on waste and impact. Our kind of basics. This sustainable brand works with organic cotton and recycled terry to create gender-inclusive basics that can be returned for store credit and recycled into new pieces.

The ROI on this organic brand is almost too good to pass up. WVN , formerly known as Synergy Organic Clothing, is committed to using GOTS certified organic cotton from farmers who are well paid and work under healthy conditions.

This commitment goes up the supply chain, too—from the weavers to the people who package the garments in boxes, WVN ensures that everyone has a safe, healthy, and fair trade work environment. This certified B Corp offers international shipping so you can wear these styles no matter where you live.

Started by professional surfer Kelly Slater, Outerknown wants you to experience the great outdoors—while also protecting it. OK champions sustainable and organic materials, fair labor, and the circular economy and aims to make percent of its products circular by !

Yes Friends started in the UK with the mission of making organic, sustainable, and Fair Trade clothing affordable without compromising its integrity.

Their solution is purchasing in large quantities from sustainable solar-powered factories in India, and selling directly without the middle person in order to keep costs accessible and production ethical.

Yes Friends also ensures garment workers receive more than a living wage through their pioneering bonus program. Thought is a natural clothing company with a simple philosophy—to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for our environment.

The UK brand sells organic cotton, bamboo, hemp clothing for adults that are all available to ship internationally. Thought ensures ethical working conditions and fair wages for its employees and has developed long-lasting relationships with its factories and suppliers.

We love the workwear-ready dresses and tops! Brook There is a thoughtful apparel brand for everyday undergarments and minimalist basics. The durable and super-soft lingerie is designed, cut, and sewn in the USA from GOTS-certified organic cotton, including some sets with gorgeous silk trims.

TomboyX is dedicated to crafting intimates and undergarments that any body feels comfortable and confident in, no matter size or gender.

Ready to get on board? Cleobella crafts pieces that are globally inspired and ethically handmade, using GOTS certified organic cotton, OEKO-TEX certified labels, natural buttons, and even nontoxic dyes. Working with artisans in India, Bali, and across Southeast Asia, the team upholds longstanding cultural techniques like block-printing and weaving into its work, and the results are stunning.

Based in Berkeley, the brand uses only organic cotton grown in the US for its apparel, which are each sewn in the Bay Area. That means its production has significantly fewer emissions, less energy and water use, and a shorter supply chain. The pieces themselves are perfect for lazy weekends and WFH days—from organic joggers and sweatshirts for your desk to naturally dyed socks to snuggle up in on the couch.

Organic, carbon-neutral, and an investment in American labor. With Fair Trade Certified cotton fabrics and SA certified ethical working conditions for employees, Kowtow is a high-quality fashion brand you can feel proud to wear. Kowtow never uses GMOs, retains water efficiently, and conserves soil through crop rotation, creating an earth-friendly model for production.

Plus, the brand ships in eco-friendly packaging and has a take-back program for circularity. With two stores in New Zealand, Kowtow offers multi-regional shopping and shipping! Beaumont Organic specializes in luxury casual pieces, most of which are made from percent GOTS certified organic cotton.

The brand works exclusively with factories that are within the EU Portugal and the UK , pays fair wages, and provides excellent working conditions for staff.

The following post contains affiliate links. If Oranic click through a Organic clothing options and Cloting a purchase, we may clothingg a commission. We only Magnesium for sleep with brands who share the same values as we do. Your hunt for the best affordable organic clothing brands officially ends here. Our list of natural fiber clothing brands is chock full of timeless, stylish, and eco-friendly options crafted with the finest materials. Our affinity for organic, natural fabrics is evident. Organic clothing options

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