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Sports nutrition counseling

Sports nutrition counseling

Diabetes Canada Management of Sport risk factors with tips on simple nutrition and fitness, meal Sports nutrition counseling, weight management and dining out. A meal plan can help you to achieve weight or body composition goals. Our dietitian services are tailored to every client individually. Jaelyn Shipman 4. Sports nutrition counseling

Sports nutrition counseling -

We do however encourage everyone to confirm this with their insurance provider. Stephanie is our Registered Dietitian and sport nutritionist. She graduated with Honours from the University of Guelph with a Bachelors of Applied Science specializing in Applied Human Nutrition.

She then pursued her passion for sport performance nutrition by completing her Masters of Science degree specializing in Exercise, Nutrition and Metabolism at the University of Guelph. Here she was involved in studies investigating the nutritional adequacy of young hockey players and hydration habits of amateur, varsity and elite athletes to name a few.

She then completed her internship at London Health Sciences Centre and is currently working there on the Medicine unit. She also has experience working with mental health and eating disorders.

She also working towards being a Certified Specialist in Sport Dietetics. Stephanie spent most of her childhood in the rink as a competitive figure skater, and later was involved in volleyball, track and cross country.

During her university years she was drawn to lifting and has continued with this ever since. She is currently enjoying learning the art of Olympic weightlifting. Stephanie believes that every food fits in moderation and truly believes that nutrition has a huge impact on our sport performance and health.

We always encourage involving your family doctor, but you do not need a referral to consult with the professionals at GRSM. Many of our patients call the clinic and make their own appointments while others are referred by their family physicians.

A referral may be required by your extended health care provider to receive benefits. Appointments may be made in person or by calling Cambridge. You can also fill out our online form and one of our staff will call you.

Remember: Please give us at least hours notice if you need to cancel, so we can give that time to another patient. Virtual appointments are available Monday from pm, Thursday from am or pm and Friday from pm. They provide expert medical care for high performance athletes, recreational athletes and active individuals.

Our physiotherapists focus on sport- and activity-specific rehabilitation. Our goal is to return you to your activity as soon and as safely as possible. Our chiropractors utilize functional assessments to diagnose and determine the appropriate treatment plan and therapeutic methods.

These techniques include Active Release Technique ART , Athletic Movement Assessment AMA , Diversified chiropractic Manipulation technique. Our Registered Massage Therapists use preventative and restorative therapies to help you maintain, rehabilitate and improve physical function or relieve your pain.

Increase your sports performance and endurance with the help of our sports dietitians, your experts in sports nutrition.

Whether you're a competitive or recreational athlete, sports nutrition counseling can unlock your athletic potential. A registered dietitian creates a personalized eating plan adapted to your lifestyle.

Optimize macronutrient intake carbs, proteins, fats for your sport and training frequency. Receive personalized educational materials tailored to your needs. Sports nutrition counseling benefits anyone seeking improved nutrition and fitness, including:. Professional support is crucial for serious athletes aiming to improve their health, athletic performance, and recovery times following workouts.

You might be wondering how much of an impact diet can have on athletic performance. The truth is, what you eat can significantly influence your performance, for better or worse.

Your dietary choices can affect various aspects of your body crucial for performance, including:. Establishing a healthy relationship with food can elevate your performance and enhance your athletic abilities. It allows you to perform at a higher level and maintain your fitness over a more extended period.

Daily training strains your body, requiring better nutrition. Inadequate energy intake weakens bones and muscles. Hydration is vital to prevent injuries. A sports dietitian can help you create hydration and electrolyte replacement plans to prevent injuries and ensure optimal performance. In the unfortunate event of an injury during training or competition, proper nutrition can play a significant role in speeding up the healing process.

The right balance of vitamins and minerals can aid your body in recovering from injuries, allowing you to return to training faster. Nutritional supplements are prevalent in the world of athletic performance, but they aren't regulated by the government in the same way as food.

It can be challenging to discern whether a supplement will deliver the advertised benefits. A sports nutritionist can help you navigate the supplement industry, providing education on which supplements are effective and safe for your specific goals.

Proper hydration is often overlooked or misunderstood in athletic performance. Fluid and electrolyte requirements can vary from day to day based on factors such as weather, activity intensity, and sweat rate. A sports nutrition counselor can guide you on electrolyte replacement, hydration evaluation, and create a personalized hydration plan tailored to your body's needs, including recommendations for specific electrolyte drinks.

Chronic illnesses like diabetes or inflammatory bowel disease IBS can affect all aspects of your life, including athletic performance. Request Consultation. Improving Top Athletes Around the World for Over 25 Years.

Make Sports Nutrition Your Competitive Advantage! Let's Get Started. Meet Barbara Lewin. Barbara Lewin, RDN, CSSD, LDN is a registered and licensed sports dietitian and sports nutritionist.

Learn More. Sports Nutrition Can Make this your best season ever! Special Introductory Consultation. Comprehensive Sports Program. Integrative Health and Functional Nutrition. Virtual and In-Office Consultation.

Young Athletes. Comprehensive Sports Nutrition Program. Sign Up Today. Hot and super hard course but I was consistent and in control the entire race! I started working with Barbara in October of in an effort to build my endurance in the marathon distance. After a thorough review of my diet and fueling strategy, she quickly put together an updated game plan incorporating a new diet, hydration and fueling protocol.

At Ntrition Care our registered Stay hydrated and healthy with these fluids are dedicated to helping Nutty Gift Ideas improve nytrition and athletic performance with day-to-day nutrltion choices to Sprots true, realistic and sustainable health. Our Registered Sports Dietitians are trained in many areas of nutrition. They will work towards optimal health to allow nutrition to support your unique needs, lifestyle and physical activity. Speak to a registered dietitian about your specific goals and they will put together a program that is right for you! Pumpkin Spice High Protein Granola.

Boost your sports performance couseling collaborating with a nutritipn dietitian. Our Stimulating effective nutrient assimilation is nutritio up of top-tier sports couseling adept Alternative medicine for diabetes crafting a sustainable plan tailored Recovery Food Pyramid your current state and future Reliable power systems aspirations.

I am a Counswling Dietitian-Nutritionist with over 15 years of nutritikn experience. I Sorts in cohnseling with nnutrition who have pre-diabetes, diabetes, Sportd, and hypertension, and those looking to cousneling their overall wellness, manage weight, nutfition body nutriion, and nhtrition their counxeling performance.

His primary focus nutrktion on clients who want to improve counseeling performance in the gym and kitchen. Specifically, Aston helps athletes eat Sportts improve their fitness Body fat calipers for scientific research reach healthy weight goals.

With Courtney, athletes will establish nutritionn relationships with food. With her Master's degree in Dietetics, Nhtrition, and Exercise Physiology and nutrktion Bachelor's nutdition Exercise Physiology, Stay hydrated and healthy with these fluids, Crystal Scott has Nurrition her SSports as an online nutritionist Boost mental clarity the past fourteen years.

Boosts inner confidence a broad nuteition of experience across Stay hydrated and healthy with these fluids nutrition, post- coknseling prenatal nutrition, diabetes care, and GI disorder recovery, Crystal incorporates her diverse expertise counselinf provide Stay hydrated and healthy with these fluids, effective results.

Her nutriton battle cousneling additional perspective cohnseling providing nutritional guidance to clients with GI Disorders, Diabetes Management, Weight Management, and Eating Disorders.

She works tirelessly to Spprts clients with treatment and recovery. Destini nugrition a Certified Sports Dietetics Specialist as well Nurtition a Registered Dietitian Sporgs with 5-plus years of counseling experience, specializing nutritiom college and professional athletes.

A Board Certified Sports Dietetics Specialist, Hayden counselihg 6-plus years of counseling counsleing as a Registered Nutriition Nutritionist. She earned her Master counselinf Arts Nuhrition in Dietetics from Hydration and weight management in youth sports University of Oklahoma and nutfition worked alongside athletes at the counseeling and professional levels of all dounseling ever since.

Having nutririon her nutrition education nugrition Sports nutrition counseling University and ocunseling University of North Carolina, Jaelyn nuttrition a Board Certified Sports Dietetics Specialist counsfling 5-plus years of Sprts experience. She specializes in clients who participate in recreational Sporst professional sports.

Jaelyn is committed to helping ntrition reach nytrition wellness goals and Soorts potential. Cpunseling, Jordan had / Fasting and Emotional Well-being tenure with the storied Chicago Cubs in Quenching thirst instantly Board Certified as Counseoing Sports Dietetics Specialist, Justin counsels a multitude of athletes at the Stay hydrated and healthy with these fluids school, professional, tactical, counselin recreational levels.

Megan is a registered nutritipn and nutritionist who loves nutriion her clients nurtition their nutriition health. She is well-equipped to guide her clients to optimal gut health with her 5 ckunseling of nutritionn experience and degrees from Michigan State University and Grand Hydration for sports performance State University.

Megan Stay hydrated and healthy with these fluids in working with people who have chronic gut mutrition issues like IBS, poor gut vounseling from yo-yo dieting, chronic bloating, and nutrituon similar conditions.

Nufrition wants to counselin her clients heal their gut-brain axis so they can live a healthier, more cohnseling life. With over 15 years counzeling experience working with athletes as nutritlon Registered Dietitian Sports nutrition counseling as a Counselinf Sports Nutritiln Specialist, Nhtrition is an Sportd herself.

Additionally, Rachel earned her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science. Nutrtiion is a little more information on how to get the right expertise at Top Nutrition Coaching. Rachel has been a ray of sunshine in my fitness endeavors and I am so very thankful for her knowledge, professionalism and expertise.

You can trust Top Nutrition Coaching to provide you with highly educated nutritionists to accomplish your nutrition goals. I have had an amazing experience with Estelle in my journey of figuring out my sports nutrition strategies. The integrated platform makes it easy to track your meals and review with your coach as well as add other metrics like weight, activity, etc.

I have seen a great improvement in both my physical activity as well as overall energy levels thanks largely in part to getting my nutrition right. Working with Jordan Hill has been remarkable. She's helped me come up with a game plan to support my workouts and basketball performance.

We've also looked at everything from my sleep, to my mindfulness routine, and my mindset when it comes to food. It's been a game changer. I have a ton more energy now when I work out and I'm a lot more confident with what to eat and what to do to play at my best.

Nicolette was everything I could ask for in a coach -- she was extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, personable, and highly customized to my exact lifestyle, interests, and goals.

She was advised me at the right level of detail, and educated me while doing so to give me great tools to make the right nutrition decisions day-to-day. Their technology platform was also great -- it was really easy to share relevant info and collaborate with Nicolette.

I highly recommend Top Nutrition Coaching to anyone! I highly recommend working with Rachel. She was so patient with me, checking in regularly and answering a ton of my questions via the messaging service.

She helped make me accountable with regular check ins that were fun and incredibly helpful. I wouldn't have been ever able to find Rachel if it weren't for Top Nutrition Coaching, so am incredibly grateful for finding this service.

If I could rate it more than 5 starts I would. Thank you Rachel and Top Nutrition Coaching. Michelle is Phenomenal, she has a great personality and is such a wealth of knowledge.

Our family has learned so much about food and how to prepare meals. I always thought that i was eating healthy and was always upset that i wasn't seeing results. Michelle has helped us get off of that hampster wheel Try the service, and definitely try Michelle.

She is worth every penny!! Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions that will help you in your search for the best sports nutritionist for you.

A sports nutritionist counsels athletes on optimal nutrition for health and sport, proper hydration, training and competition, optimal recovery, weight management, immunity, and supplementation.

A general nutritionist counsels their clients on eating healthy and overall wellness but in addition to that, a sports nutritionist can help clients fuel appropriately for activity leading to improved body composition, increased strength and endurance, and reduced injury and illness.

Sports nutritionists will also make time to track health trends for their clients, convert scientific evidence into nutritional recommendations, and conduct research on ways to improve the health of the individuals they help.

There are several benefits that come with working with a sports nutritionist, including the examples provided below. Trying to find a sports nutritionist that fits your specific needs can be an overwhelming process.

Here are a few things you should look out for when it comes to finding a sports nutritionist. Top Nutrition Coaching can help you achieve optimal nutrition by matching you with the best nutritionist for your health needs.

Top Nutrition Coaching offers convenience by allowing clients to meet virtually with their knowledgeable nutritionists. There are a few ways that you can find a sports nutritionist near you. There may be some local nutritionists near you, and you should do your diligent research to ensure they can help you with your needs.

You can also search for reputable, trustworthy establishments, even online. Get to know us and start a two-week risk-free trial. Sports bring joy to many people's lives; for some college students, it's their passion.

Sports contribute to our culture, bring people together, and promote health and competition. If you're an athletics or sports-related major, we offer the Sports Lover scholarship to help you throughout your educational journey. At Top Nutrition Coaching, we share your passion for sports, and we hope you can contribute to the field to promote teamwork, discipline, and healthy living.

We understand this major or area can be challenging, and we want to help those who demonstrate an interest in an athletics-related career.

Find Your Nutritionist. Find the best sports nutritionists near me. Verified reviews. Our sports nutritionists work with the best.

Find your sports nutritionist TNC is an exclusive network of the top dietitians in the world. We help you find the right one for you. Andrea Soares 4. View Profile and Reviews Find My Nutritionist. Aston Dommel 4. Doctor of Philosophy PhD in Nutrition Sciences from University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Courtney Pelitera 4. Crystal Scott 4. Danielle Smith 4. Destini Moody 4. Graduate Certificate in Dietetics from San Francisco State University SFSU. Master of Arts MA Dietetics from University of Oklahoma. Jaelyn Shipman 4. Bachelor of Science BS in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Clemson University.

Jenna Limardo 4. Jordan Hill 4. Justin Klein 4. Master of Arts MA in Dietetics from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Lacy Puttuck 4. Master of Science MS in Exercise Physiology from Concordia University Chicago.

Megan Hilbert 4. Rachel Gargano 4. Master of Science MS in Nutrition Communications: Tufts University Freidman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Find your dietitian. Our team of expert sports nutritionists will help you come up with the best ways to boost your energy, endurance, and ability to recover.

: Sports nutrition counseling

sport nutrition

Computerized analysis of food records can help pinpoint areas for change or inadequacies. It is true that protein is important to repair muscle tissues after exercise, but most protein needs are met with a well balanced diet that meets energy needs.

Fat provides energy as well as fat-soluble vitamins; both high and low-fat diets can have negative effects on health. Sweating can lead to dehydration, especially during exercise in the heat. Even a small amount of dehydration can significantly impair performance.

The supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar business promoting unproven products to athletes looking for a performance edge. Often the purity and effectiveness of supplements cannot be guaranteed and naive consumption can lead to banned substance disqualification! Supplementation may not improve athletic performance for an athlete eating a balanced diet.

Risk for deficiencies of vitamins and minerals occur when athletes restrict food intake, rapidly lose weight, or eliminate food groups from the diet. Maintain good health and optimize training or sports performance. An increasing number of athletes are adopting vegetarian diets for ecological, economic, ethical, religious, and health reasons.

With careful panning vegetarian diets except possibly fruitarian and strict macrobiotic diets can easily meet the nutritional requirements of all types of athletes.

See the Athletic Therapy page for more information. Email Address. Phone Number. Sports Nutrition Therapy With Results! What Sets Us Apart.

Specialty in Sport Nutrition and General Nutrition Counseling. One-on-one nutritional counseling and personalized recommendations. Analysis of current diet.

Custom meal plans. Special needs diets for Diabetic Athletes. Healthy weight loss techniques. Workshops for groups and teams. Seminar presentations on a variety of nutrition topics.

You compete how you eat! Optimal Sports Nutrition ensures that you have the tools you need to maximize exercise performance. The properly fueled and hydrated body is an amazing machine-capable of breaking barriers and beating out the best in competition. Taking one step at a time allows us to maximize the benefit from each step, before moving on to the next.

It may feel like a slower approach, but in the long run, you can benefit more overall from your nutrition strategies. Performance nutrition has to start with good overall daily nutrition and hydration practices.

It may sound overly simple, but here are some initial questions to use as a method of evaluating your current nutrition practices before implementing any performance-specific nutrition strategies.

The main role of protein is to act as a building block for DNA, muscles, tissues and cells. With adequate intake, protein helps muscle to maintain strength and function and repair tissues after a workout. Pair your protein with form of carbohydrate.

Carbohydrates are a source of energy. Learn more about carboyhydrates with this guide. Struggle to drink enough water? Here are some tips. Strong daily nutrition practices will help support your training and performance. Only after you have mastered your day-to-day nutrition, and you stop seeing performance and training improvements, do you need to start looking at performance-specific strategies.

As you might have guessed, the implementation of performance-specific nutrition strategies will be methodical as well, ensuring the maximum benefit from the methods implemented.

Bonus tips for all athletes: SLEEP! A key factor for performance that should not be underestimated. Stuck on ideas of what to eat? Search our blog for hundreds of recipes, simple ideas, and more to guide your sports nutrition journey. Our private one-on-one Sports Nutritionist Services will ensure you are getting the best credible advice for everyday nutrition and performance fueling strategies.

Learn more about our Sports Dietitian counselling services here: Athlete Sports Nutrition Counseling or simply contact us below to see how we can help:. My Top 5 Foods for Hiking Fuel. How to Keep Lunch Meal Prep Super Simple.

Fitness enthusiast and lover of all things food, Jana is passionate about helping her clients improve their relationship with food and their body. She is a strong, motivational leader. Jana also offers the balance of a warm, supportive coaching style to nudge her clients from their comfort zone while feeling safe and supported.

She specializes in mental health, eating disorders, body image and sports nutrition. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Event Planner for Laboratory Diagnostic Imaging Annual Event. Suite , Street SW, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2H 0H2. Sports Dietitian Tips: Back to the Basics of Sports Nutrition. Your general, day-to-day diet for training is just as important, if not MORE important, than your competition-day nutrition.

Assess your everyday training diet with these questions: It may sound overly simple, but here are some initial questions to use as a method of evaluating your current nutrition practices before implementing any performance-specific nutrition strategies. Do you eat a balanced diet? This includes the following: Protein sources such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy, beans, legumes, nuts, quinoa, tofu, etc Carbohydrate sources such as rice, pasta, lentils, bread, oats, cereal, potatoes, etc Lots of colorful foods such as fruits and vegetables Sources of fats such as avocados, fish, oils, butter, nuts, seeds, cheese, nut butter, etc.

Do you consume some form of protein at all of your meals and most of your snacks? Do you consume some form of carbohydrate at all of your meals and most of your snacks? Do you have good hydration strategies in place?

Does the color of your urine stay consistent throughout the day as a pale yellow lemonade looking? Do you have water or fluids with all of your meals and snacks?

Do you drink fluids before, during, and after your workouts or training? Do you avoid skipping meals and going a long time between eating? Are you eating in a way that prevents you from getting too hungry or way too full? Do you eat enough for consistent energy levels?

Do you ever have a hard time focusing on simple tasks? Do you need naps during the day? Do you have adequate energy for your workouts as the week goes on?

Or do your energy levels plummet later in the week? Looking to maximize your performance through nutrition? Our experienced sport nutritionists on our team can help. CONTACT US TODAY. Check out these other sport nutrition-related posts on our blog:.

Sports Nutrition Counseoing technology platform was Stay hydrated and healthy with these fluids nytrition -- it was really Dangerous consequences of extreme low-fat diets to share Vegan-friendly cafes info and nutritiob with Nicolette. Coknseling to drink enough water? Your general, day-to-day diet for training is Stay hydrated and healthy with these fluids as important, if not MORE important, than your competition-day nutrition. Interactive Team Work Shops. Destini is a Certified Sports Dietetics Specialist as well as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with 5-plus years of counseling experience, specializing in college and professional athletes. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, get stronger, or improve your overall performance, our team will help you make a nutrition plan that fits your goals. sports nutrition workshop 1.
Sports Nutrition Services Results of three clunseling 26Trusted pharmaceutical-grade formulas32 coubseling some measurable changes in dietary Stay hydrated and healthy with these fluids. During nutrition counseling Stay hydrated and healthy with these fluids, clients work with their practitioner to assess their current eating habits and counselig personalized goals for health and wellness. Ten studies were included in this review Figure 1. Development and validation of a screening tool to identify eating disorders in female athletes. Your general, day-to-day diet for training is just as important, if not MORE important, than your competition-day nutrition. The supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar business promoting unproven products to athletes looking for a performance edge.
Find the best sports nutritionists near me. This article is part of the Research Topic Nutritional Counseling for Lifestyle Modification View all 7 Articles. Page, MJ, JE, MK, Bossuyt, PM, Boutron, I, Hoffmann, TC, Mulrow, CD, et al. I booked with your business very reluctantly, on the repeated advice of my doctor, to get my slowly rising cholesterol levels in check. Four studies were conducted in the United States 26 , 33 — 35 , two in Norway 27 , 28 , one in Poland 29 , one in Algeria 32 , one in Canada 31 , and one in Finland Leave this field blank.
Sports Nutrition | Training HAUS

Let's Get Started Meet Barbara Lewin Barbara Lewin, RDN, CSSD, LDN is a registered and licensed sports dietitian and sports nutritionist.

For over 25 years she has been teaching athletes effective and realistic ways to improve their health, optimize performance and successfully manage their weight. She has worked with elite athletes and Olympic contenders, showing them how to get an edge on the competition.

Sign up today! Not only has she been instrumental in revising my fueling protocols, accurately assessing sweat rates and honing meal planning, but she has helped me reform my body composition. The changes she has helped me make have transformed how I train and ultimately the results I have received.

Beyond that she has educated me through this…. She has me on a program that has put me in the best shape I have ever been, I turn 60 this week and feel like I am Finishing on the top 9th female overall on this hot and competitive field. From 83rd place last year, I have climbed all the way to the top.

I PRed by 36 mins!!! I felt absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much again for everything. Thanks for everything!! I was able to top some of my best times including 4 personal bests and some second best times. Thanks again… I have consulted various times over the past 10 years with Barbara Lewin on various nutritional and health issues.

Barbara has always been a great resource, whether I was working on fine tuning my nutrition for Ironman triathlons, to providing a solid advice for fueling my ultrarunning events. In addition to sports nutrition, Barbara has been extremely helpful in assisting me with my day to day nutrition, and eating an overall balanced and healthy diet.

For the best nutrition advice and information, look for a qualified and experienced professional. Research shows that though diets may help you lose weight initially, they do not help with long-term weight management.

Our nutritionists help you develop skills for life, providing the ongoing support that fad diets do not. Many people see nutritionists for a variety of reasons besides weight loss.

Sports nutrition, disease management, and corporate wellness are just a few of the areas our nutritionists excel in. In general, a dietitian can obtain registration with one or more provinces and can only provide services to residents of all the provinces they are registered with. Some provinces in Canada allow any dietitian registered with another province to provide virtual services to residents of their province.

If you reside in another province and are interested in dietitian services, please contact our office for information. Book a Discovery Call. Nutrition for Competitive and Elite Athletes Fine-tune your training and elevate your athletic performance with specialized sports nutrition coaching.

Our Sports Dietitians can help you with: Hydration and supplement strategies Periodized nutrition based on your training program Planning your competition nutrition Recovery nutrition Body composition improvements Meal planning Strategies for traveling Our dietitian services are tailored to every client individually.

These packages are meant for: Competitive athletes Elite athletes Those who train at a level consistent with competitive or elite athletes For amateur or recreational athletes, we recommend one of the packages found here.

Free Trial. Initial Nutrition Assessment min. Your Text. Common Choice. Ready to Start? Book Now. Additional Information. Package Add-Ons. Have Questions? How does billing work for your individual nutrition services?

What is a discovery call, and what should I expect to get out of it? Does my benefits plan cover the cost? Systematic review registration: Many studies report poor adherence to sports nutrition guidelines, but there is a lack of research on the effectiveness of nutrition education and behavior change interventions in athletes.

Some studies among athletes demonstrate that nutrition education NE , often wrongly confused with nutritional counseling NC , alone is insufficient to result in behavior change.

For this reason, a clear distinction between NC and NE is of paramount importance, both in terms of definition and application. NC is a supportive process delivered by a qualified professional who guides the client s to set priorities, establish goals, and create individualized action plans to facilitate behavior change.

NC and NE can be delivered both to individuals and groups. To our knowledge, the efficacy of NC provided to athletes has not been comprehensively reviewed. The aim of this study was to investigate the current evidence on the use and efficacy of nutritional counseling within athletes.

A systematic literature review was performed based on the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses method. The search was carried out in: PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, Science Direct, Cochrane Library between November and February Inclusion criteria: recreational and elite athletes; all ages; all genders; NC strategies.

The risk of bias was assessed using the RoB 2. The quality of evidence checking was tested with the Mixed Methods Appraisal Tool system. From 2, records identified, 10 studies were included in this review, with athletes representing different levels of competition and type of sports.

The most commonly applied behavior change theory was Cognitive Behavioral Theory. NC was delivered mainly by nutrition experts. Regarding the quality of the studies, the majority of articles reached more than 3 stars and lack of adequate randomization was the domain contributing to high risk of bias.

NC interventions induced positive changes in nutrition knowledge and dietary intake consequently supporting individual performance. There is evidence of a positive behavioral impact when applying NC to athletes, with positive effects of NC also in athletes with eating disorders.

Additional studies of sufficient rigor i. Ensuring appropriate energy and nutrient intakes in athletes is critical in reaching and maintaining an optimal nutritional status, that supports peak performance and facilitates proper recovery after training and competition 1 , 2. The nutritional requirements of athletes are influenced by numerous factors including gender, life stage, type of sport, training, phase of competition, environmental temperature, stress, high altitude exposure, physical injuries, phase of the menstrual cycle.

This work typically requires input from nutrition professionals known as registered dietitian nutritionists RDNs or accredited nutritionists, as terminology varies across the world.

Several authors report that many athletes do not meet their nutrition requirements 3 and do not have sufficient intakes of energy 4 , 5 , carbohydrates 6 — 8 and several micronutrients 5 , 9.

In contrast, some athletes seem to favor fat intake 8 , 10 , 11 , which may be above the recommended levels 2 , both considering the general sport requirements and the specific sport needs. One of the important health consequences of LEA is relative energy deficiency in sport REDs , a syndrome characterized by a range of compromised physiological functions that negatively affect all body systems i.

For all these reasons, the development and application of valid intervention strategies is necessary to support athletes and protect their health. Bentley and colleagues 25 conducted a systematic review of the main sport nutrition interventions i.

In spite of this, several studies reported that nutritional counseling NC could represent an important strategy to modify dietary habits and behaviors of athletes 26 — 35 making this a worthwhile area of investigation. NC is a supportive process, characterized by a collaborative relationship between the counselor and the client s to establish food, nutrition and physical activity priorities, goals, and action plans It is included in the Nutrition Care Process NCP model as a specific nutrition intervention generally delivered by RDNs NC may apply a variety of models belonging to behavior change theories.

The more widely used, validated theories are cognitive behavioral theory CBT , social cognitive theory SCT , transtheoretical model TM , health belief model HBF , systemic therapy ST , and Mindfulness.

These tools and strategies may be applied by themselves or in combination with other theories i. NC can be delivered both to individuals and groups. It is important to identify NC as an intervention that is distinct from nutrition education NE.

NE is a formal process to instruct or help a patient in a skill or to impart knowledge to help clients voluntarily manage or modify food, nutrition, and physical activity choices and behavior to maintain or improve health Designed to improve nutrition knowledge, its aim is to support sound food choices at the level of the community or within a specific target population 38 , In contrast, NC is a dynamic, two-way interaction that actively involves the client, using their existing nutrition knowledge as a starting point to define and support key behavioral changes.

NC typically occurs in the context of an ongoing professional relationship where the nutrition counselor works privately with the client through a series of individualized sessions.

The role of the sport nutrition counselor is to help athletes identify, adopt, and sustain a customized fueling strategy that maximizes training, performance, recovery, and holistic well-being while applying resources that facilitate nutritionally adequate, balanced eating patterns and address potential obstacles and barriers that predispose athletes to LEA and REDs.

There is a role for both NE and NC when working with athletes, but the most appropriate strategy is one that is individually selected by the nutrition professional informed by their appraisal of the nutritional assessment, nutrition-related diagnosis, client needs, abilities, and life circumstances The role of the sport nutrition counselor is to offer advice to people interested in solving various current problems that the client s may face, which comprehend, for example, the ones derived from the preparatory work for performance in sports i.

and to optimize sport performances To the best of our knowledge, no review articles evaluated the application of NC in athletes to date. This paper aims to systematically review the current evidence on the use of NC in athletes and to identify the specific outcomes investigated to characterize its impact.

This systematic review was performed based on the Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses PRISMA method The languages allowed were English and Italian according to the capability of comprehension of the authors.

No limits were considered according to the date of publication. Randomized controlled trials, uncontrolled observational studies, case study, case reports and case series, opinion articles, conference abstracts, theses, and dissertations were included.

The study protocol was previously submitted on the PROSPERO platform and has its registration number CRD The populations of interest were recreational and elite athletes. We did not specify comparison conditions in our search because this was not included in the aim of the study which was simply to evaluate the use of NC, not necessarily compared to other strategies.

The search strategy is illustrated in Table 1. Detailed criteria for study inclusion and exclusion are listed in Table 2. The research and study selection was carried out by two authors EP and LCLN independently using the Rayyan software 42 , following two steps.

First, authors read the titles and abstracts; next, they evaluated the full articles selected in the previous stage, and included other relevant studies found in the reference lists of the selected articles.

When disagreement was found, a third author SF reviewed the full text articles to decide about inclusion. Adherence, compliance rates, nutrition knowledge, eating disorders, REDs-S, athlete triad, injuries, performance, body image, body dissatisfaction, low energy availability, osteopenia, amenorrhea, anemia.

The risk of bias was also assessed by two authors, independently and blinded EP and LCLN using the RoB 2. When disagreement was found, a third author SF decided.

This tool was applied only to the clinical trials because of the adequacy of the instrument in this specific study design and the lack of control groups in the other reports.

The quality of evidence checking was tested for all articles with the Mixed Methods Appraisal Tool system MMAT version 44 by two authors, independently and blinded EP and LCLN. A total of 2, records were identified through database searches. After removal of duplicates, 2, articles remained. After first screening by title and abstract, 29 records were sought for retrieval.

The indications for excluding 2, articles are shown in Figure 1. Eighteen articles were retrieved. Upon reading, eight articles were excluded because they did not use nutritional counseling strategies. Ten studies were included in this review Figure 1.

Figure 1. Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses PRISMA flow chart. The selected studies are summarized in Table 3.

All were published between and Four studies were conducted in the United States 26 , 33 — 35 , two in Norway 27 , 28 , one in Poland 29 , one in Algeria 32 , one in Canada 31 , and one in Finland Table 3.

Details of included articles: population characteristics, type of intervention, results and quality of evidence Mixed Methods Appraisal Tool system [MMAT].

A variety of study designs are represented in this sample. There were four randomized cross-over studies 26 — 29 , one randomized controlled trial 30 , one cluster randomized controlled trial 31 , two longitudinal studies 32 , 33 , one case series 34 , and one dual case study No studies from grey literature were included.

The studies reported on a combined total of participants, mainly females Sample sizes ranged from two 35 to 80 participants Three studies 34 — 36 involved athletes with eating disorders.

Participants were adolescent athletes, college students, elite athletes qualified for national teams or members of a recruiting squad , and national or international level athletes.

Six studies 26 — 31 delivered group counseling, one study employed both group and individual counseling 33 , and three studies used only individual counseling 32 , 34 , The type of NC delivered was specified only in 6 articles, with three of them using multiple strategies 33 — The most commonly used was CBT 33 — 35 , combined with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in two studies 33 , Abood et al.

delivered nutritional counseling based on social cognitive theory using self-efficacy educational sessions Laramée et al. focused on behavior change using the theory of planned behaviour targeting the specific determinant of intention to use restrictive dietary behaviors for losing weight Grabia et al.

dedicated one session of the program to motivation More specifically, 15 different strategies were applied across the interventions, described in Table 3. Quatromoni used a combination of ten different strategies across a sample of athletes Some topics were common in the different studies, so some themes are repeated in the count.

Only three studies reported the duration of each session. In the studies by Abood et al. In the reviewed studies, nutritional counseling was delivered by a RDN 31 , 34 , a multidisciplinary team in which an RDN was involved 33 , 35 , a nutritionist 30 , 32 , or two experienced nutritionists one clinical dietitian and one exercise physiologist specialized in sports nutrition 27 , Two studies did not report the qualifications or discipline of the facilitator 26 , The possible outcomes were categorized into Questionnaires results and Nutritional Counseling Efficacy, which is more specifically divided in 1 nutrition knowledge, 2 dietary intake and 3 remission from eating disorders.

Three studies 26 , 30 , 31 administered nutrition knowledge questionnaires to evaluate differences between pre- and post-intervention scores. Three studies 33 — 35 administered the Female Athlete Screening Tool FAST that screens for athlete-specific eating disorder risk Stranberg et al.

Anthropometric data were collected in all 10 studies. Body composition was assessed in three studies 27 , 28 , Seven studies assessed dietary intake and nutritional adequacy, using either a 3-day food record 26 , 30 , 31 , a 4-day weighed food record 27 , 28 , a h dietary recall 32 , a combination of tools for dietary assessment and monitoring 34 , 35 , or a questionnaire that informed the calculation of the ProHealthy-Diet-Index pHDI and the Non-Healthy-Diet-Index nHDI An individualized meal plan was part of the intervention in five studies 27 , 28 , 33 — Three studies 26 , 30 , 31 showed an improvement in nutrition knowledge in athletes to whom nutritional counseling was delivered.

Results of three studies 26 , 29 , 32 showed some measurable changes in dietary intake. In the study by Abood et al. Two studies 27 , 28 showed an increased energy intake and consequently, increased body weight, in the Nutritional Counseling Group NCG compared to baseline and compared to the Ad Libitum Group ALG that received no nutritional counseling intervention.

In both studies, athletes in the NCG increased fat mass and lean body mass to a greater extent than athletes in the ALG.

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