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Selenium cross-browser testing

Selenium cross-browser testing

Without cross-vrowser the parameters, Selenium cross-browser testing are just writing the same repetitive code again and again. TestNG Tutorial. Firefox; using OpenQA. To Tranform your Testing, Talk to us. AI Toggle child menu Expand.

Selenium cross-browser testing -

It helps in automating the tests for websites and web apps and also helps us perform cross browser testing by running our tests in parallel over different OS platforms and browser versions. For running tests in parallel, we will be using the TestNG automation framework. We will navigate to the home page of the pCloudy website and verify the text displayed in the center of the screen.

In the next scenario, we will navigate to the Blogs menu by hovering the mouse on the Resources menu. Based on the research and the stats we get, we can take a combination of browsers and their respective versions running on different platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

It should also be noted that if the latest market share for the browsers running on the mobile devices are also high, then the mobile devices and the respective browsers as per statistics, should also be considered for testing.

One more point to note here is, If there are new versions for browsers released later, it should be taken into consideration for running the tests as people are more attracted to new browsers and quickly adapt to the latest tech updates. Chances are they will start using them soon, so it is good to test our web apps and websites on the latest versions as well.

This project has been created using Maven. TestNG is used as a test runner as it helps in running the tests in parallel.

As this blog primarily focuses on Cross browser testing, we will not get into the details of configurations, and locator strategies. json file is provided. It also provides details for managing the browser drivers required to run the Selenium tests.

Here is a code implementation of Test Scenario 1, where we navigate to the pCloudy website and check the text displayed on the center of the screen. Implementation is simple, a separate page has been created for storing elements of the Blogs Page as per Page Object Model pattern.

xml: file is created where all test details with classes and test names are stored. json file where all the browsers and OS platform details are saved. The following table shows how the ID is mapped to different browser configurations. Once the tests are run successfully, we can check out the pCloudy Reports and view all the test details of the test run.

To summarize, Cross browser testing refers to running tests on multiple browsers simultaneously on different platforms. As we need to perform repeated tests on different browser configurations, performing automated Cross browser testing with Selenium WebDriver and TestNG helps us test all the scenarios in quick time.

Also, cloud platforms like pCloudy can be very helpful in performing Cross browser testing as it has a wide range of all browsers, Operating Systems and mobile devices.

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Cross browser testing in selenium using TESTNG. What is Cross-browser Testing? Automate with Selenium. Automate your web app testing by running your selenium scripts on multiple real desktop browsers with ease.

Consider you, as a developer, have Google Chrome on your desktop on which you are developing the website. Since you have been developing the website concerning Chrome, it will render correctly on the browser.

But now, when you publish the site, you are assuming that every one of your users is on Google Chrome. Additionally, what if you incorporated some tags that were supported by Chrome in only its latest version? So, why does it happen? With the race of capturing more and more customers, every browser manufacture tends to do something new with its product.

It includes the engine on which you build the browser. Since the engine is different, the way a browser understands the web languages HTML, JavaScript, and CSS is different.

So, the position property of CSS would run fine on Chrome but will choke on Safari because of the absence of - WebKit tag. It makes cross-browser testing using TestNG a very crucial job.

If I summarize the main big things that make cross-browser testing using TestNG, then it would be as follows:. To this point, you must have understood that the idea of cross-browser testing comes from the fact that the engines on which we build the browsers render the web languages differently.

We discussed the reasons for the same above. Since this is just theoretical, a real-life practical example would clear the air and help you understand more why cross-browser testing in TestNG is of utmost importance. In this scenario, we will talk about a CSS property called Zoom.

The zoom property is given by the CSS to help developers magnify an element onto the web page. For example, I can magnify my image, a div box, a section, or anything else.

It comes handy with just a single line of code helping us achieve our goals. But the problem with zoom property is that it is not supported well with Firefox and Opera Mini , which are among the major browsers in the market today.

Consider a web page I coded that makes three squares which use zoom property for a different square to magnify it. The following is the screenshot from Google Chrome:. For the same code, the webpage looks like the following in the Firefox browser:. It happens because Firefox does not support the zoom property.

There will be many elements like this on your website that are going to render differently on different browsers, and if they breakdown the website, all the hard work is washed down the river.

I hope you have got the importance of cross-browser testing in real life. Cross-browser testing requires us to test our website using Selenium on multiple browsers, and as you might remember, if we want to pass different values to the same function, we use TestNG parameters for that.

Without using the parameters, we are just writing the same repetitive code again and again. TestNG parameters will help us cut down on lines of code significantly and makes efficient use of TestNG annotations which is what every tester aims for while working on TestNG.

In the below code, we will be demonstrating how to perform cross-browser testing in TestNG using selenium web driver. But, before jumping onto the code, I highly recommend reading the TestNG parameters tutorial, TestNG Annotations tutorial, and our selenium tutorial so that you adjust towards the flow of the code.

Since we are using TestNG parameters , we need to specify the values from the TestNG XML file that will pass to the test case file. Once we understand the above code, run the code with the parameter values as Firefox and Chrome, as mentioned above in the XML file.

So, both of my test cases passed successfully running the website on different browsers. You can test your website by using different TestNG Asserts and selenium functions.

Cross-browser testing is essential when it comes to the development of a website. The mobile revolution has changed the way websites are viewed today compared to the last decade. With billions of mobile users in the world, the developer cannot ignore this number.

The website can open on any device, any browser, any version, any OS, and any resolution. We, as developers and testers need to be prepared for this before the catastrophe happens. Thankfully, with the help of Selenium, we can perform cross-browser testing in TestNG and be assured of our website.

I recommend testing a website entirely as a tester to gain confidence and experience in cross-browser testing in TestNG.

Home TestNG Cross Browser Testing using TestNG. Table of Contents. TestNG Tutorial. Cross Browser Testing using TestNG Category: TestNG , October 29 Next Lesson. Share this post:. TestNG Asserts. TestNG Data Provider with Excel. Author: Harish Rajora. I am a computer science engineer. I love to keep growing as the technological world grows.

When Selenium cross-browser testing build teating web application, Selenium cross-browser testing must work well across various OS platforms cross-bowser browsers. In recent cross-beowser, automation testing is a top-notch Vegan dairy substitutes that automates the effort of Selenium cross-browser testing testing. Selenium is one such tool that fits well in this scenario. To reach out to the maximum number of users, you need to cater to all the devices and platforms they use. Since there are various web browsers in the market, the choice of usage should be left to the user. Different users use different browsers based on their comfort. Selenium IDE is a record-and-playback tool with a simple yesting that helps in building automated Herbal anxiety reducer scripts. As testiny interact with a website in Selenium cross-browser testing browser, Selenium IDE records those same actions so they cross-browesr be replayed crlss-browser as part of Selenium cross-browser testing automated Selenium cross-browser testing. Selenium Cross-brpwser is available as a browser extension for Radiant complexion Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, however, the next major release will be a standalone Electron application, although there is currently no published release date for this upcoming version. Tests recorded using Selenium IDE can either be run directly within the browser extension or can be exported as a Selenium script. Currently, the following languages are supported as export options:. Selenium IDE is one of several components created under the Selenium name. Other components are Selenium WebDriver a set of APIs and language bindings that are used to automate actions in a web browserand Selenium Grid a solution for running Selenium test suites in your own infrastructure.

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